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We believe we have a responsibility, not only to our clients, but also to our community and environment. Because of this, we work to ensure our building practices are environmentally sound.

Energy Star labeling program

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Energy Star is a U.S. government-backed symbol for energy efficiency that is third-party performance tested. Our partnership with Energy Star helps us build homes that are 20% more efficient than the standard code built houses. As well as making the house quieter and more comfortable, it also reduces the energy used to heat, cool, and light the house. That means healthier air, and lower utility bills.

Wise Planning

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By planning and designing our projects with careful forethought, we are able to reduce materials waste. This saves our clients money and reduce the number of trips we make to the landfill.


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We go to great lengths to avoid throwing things away that could be recycled. Product packaging such as cardboard and clean waste wood are separated from garbage. At the end of the job these waste products are taken to a recycling center. By doing this, we pay less in dump fees and provide an opportunity for these waste items to be used again.


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Just because we don't want it doesn't mean that somebody else can't use it. On remodeling projects we encounter many products/materials that still function adequately but do not tie in well with the new design (Kitchen cabinets, vanities, doors, windows, old flooring, etc.). We donate these products to a local, non-profit recycled building materials center in Missoula. They re-sell these products at discounted prices to the public. Why waste room at a landfill if someone would enjoy having it in their house.

Recycled Products

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Many of the building materials available on the market today are constructed of waste materials. For example, the Trex decking that we install consists of recycled and reclaimed wood and plastic. Another product we use is Oriented Strand Board (OSB), which uses strands of scrap wood, oriented for strength and glued into 4x8 foot sheets. Both of these products are great examples of re-using waste products, and conserving the usage of new products.